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I took my first AutoCAD class in 1991 although I had taken a CadKey class the year before. I learned using AutoCAD Release 10 and a year later bought my first copy of AutoCAD, in this case, Release 11 which I upgraded a few months later to Release 12. I began using AutoCAD for work in 1992 using Release 12 and when I began working as a Computer Specialist Set Designer in Local 847, I was using Release 14 in 1996. I eventually upgraded to AutoCAD 2000, 2002 and settled on 2004 which I used for eight years, finally upgrading to AutoCAD 2012. I have worked exclusively as a Set Designer since 1996
Art Directors Guild
Local 800
Set Designers and Model Makers,
Computer Specialist.

Visual Effects Society.
and while mostly working in 2D CAD, I have created many 3D CAD and computer models using AutoCAD. I started using AutoCAD for Set Design in 1992, both for 2D and 3D applications, long before most other Set Designers. By the time most of the Art Departments had discovered CAD and Computer Modeling, it was with VectorWorks and SketchUp.

I feel that AutoCAD has many advantages over some of the other programs. AutoCAD is far more accurate than VectorWorks and SketchUp and while harder to learn, that is because it has so many more tools allowing more efficient work. AutoCAD also interfaces with other programs better and is better for rapid prototyping than SketchUp. Out of necessity, I have become proficient in SketchUp and am learning other computer modeling programs.

Since I have been using AutoCAD for 3D work since the beginning, I am oftern surprised when others express that they didn't know AutoCAD could do 3D, it can and I have.

Note: These images are presented here for portfolio purposes only. These images are not available for sale or to be given away in hard copy or digitally in any scale. I will be happy to show hard-copy during a legitimate job interview for Set Designer.

This page shows only my 2D AutoCAD work. To see my 3D and modeling in AutoCAD, click here.

I have completed thousands of AutoCAD drawings and hundreds of AutoCAD models. I once kept a copy of everything in three large binders, but gave up on that practice some years ago. My various web sites are filled with hundreds of samples, a few are below.

Race to Save Nome
Race to Save Nome, 2012.
10 back lot type buildngs for Nome 1917.

Ben and Kate
Ben and Kate, 2012.
Permanent sets for a sit-com.
American Horror Story
American Horror Story, 2011. ADG Nomination.
Season One.

The Guilt Trip
My Mother's Curse - renamed The Guilt Trip, 2011.

The New Girl
The New Girl, pilot, 2011. ADG Nomination.

Rizzoli and Isles
Rizzoli and Isles, 2010.

Justified, 2009-2010.
Season One.

Work Bench
Justified. Work Bench. Although a simple 3D project, it was still useful. AutoCAD ®, 2004. 2009.

Justified. Stage. AutoCAD ®, 2004. 2009.

Golden Oaks Ranch Project, 2008.
Disney back lot - Block B.

Golden Oaks Ranch Project, 2008.
Disney back lot - Block H.

Golden Oaks Ranch Project, 2008.
Disney back lot - Block I.

Polar Express
Polar Express, 2002.

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