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Set Design - Kenneth A. Larson - Bio

Kenneth A Larson was born near Disney Studios the year Disneyland opened. From childhood, he couldn't decide if he wanted to design theme parks, film sets, or architecture and eventually did all three and more. While majoring in Environmental Design at Cal Poly, Pomona, the Architectural Model Making instructor was so impressed with Ken's work that he gave Ken 3 or 4 phone numbers of model shops. A few weeks after the end of the semester, Ken began his 18 year career building scenery, starting with Visual Effects Model Maker on Buck Rogers followed by many model making credits. Eventually Ken built full size, Prop Shop, and Special Effects in addition to miniatures, as well as models for theme parks and architectural/industrial projects. This all ended three weeks after Ken finished Independence Day (his last VFX model project) and began working as one of the first computer specialists working as Visual Effect Set Designer on Batman and Robin. Ken finished college in 1995, receiving a BA in Art/3D-Interior Design from Cal State, Northridge (the year the earthquake destroyed the Art Building)

Although Ken was trained in traditional drafting, graphics, and model making, it was AutoCAD and Photoshop that helped open the door to his second career as Set Designer in 1996. He started using AutoCAD in 1991. Ken prefers the accuracy and cleanness of his AutoCAD drawings as opposed to the loose feel of pencil. Ken prefers AutoCAD to other CAD programs because, even though harder to learn, it provides more tools and controls. Ken has completed hundreds of computer models, although not as many in Set Design. Most of his 3D work has been in Architecture and Interior Design where there was less resistance. For Shrek development, Ken made AutoCAD and foam core models in addition to construction drawings.

His recent work has centered on television and low budget features where Ken's only required skill is producing drawings and models quickly. A 20 + year ingrained knowledge of AutoCAD and a lot of customizing allows him to produce drawings "before lunch". Ken is currently upgrading and adding to his computer skill base.

Ken has lived his entire life in The Valley and remains the only member of his family in this crazy Industry. He lives with his wife and cats in the home which once belonged to his parents. His cat likes it when Ken does distant location work from home. Ken has been a volunteer at the Natural History Museum of LA County since 1989. As a hobby, Ken builds web sites on a variety of subjects including Missions, travel, and cooking. Ken has many interests.

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